Dry Needling

Dry needling is a method used to treat pain, improve range of motion, and restore function. A therapist inserts a sterile filament needle (a short stainless steel needle that does not inject fluid into the body. That’s why the term “dry” is used)

The needles are placed in “trigger points” (tight, irritable spots within muscles) where they elicit a strong response in the muscle to get it to release and relieve pain.

Dry needling is effective in reducing tension, stimulating healing and tissue growth, and normalizing the neurological system in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatment.

Some common problems dry needling can be used to treat include feelings of tightness, trigger point pain, headaches, stress, movement impairments, and chronic pain conditions from injuries or exercise.

Dry needling is effectively used in the athletic population to help with muscle tightness and areas off soreness that are both associated with injury and also often present with the regular stresses of being active. It is equally effective in chronic pain related trigger points and muscle soreness. Many conditions benefit from this technique and the quick relief it provides. This rapid relief allows us to work on better movement patterns while the patient is experiencing pain relief. These exercises and movement therapy help provide long term benefit on top of the quick relief from dry needling.

Dry needling plus movement education and exercise is a winning combination.

Move well. Move without pain.

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