Part 3 of 5: An excerpt from the eBook
A Pelvic Health Physiotherapist’s Perspective: Prepare Your Pelvic Floor for Birth
by Brittany Klingmann

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Things you can do to Prepare

Thoracic Mobility

The diaphragm, the main breathing muscle, is a dome-shaped muscle that attaches to the ribs. During pregnancy,the lower rib cage needs to widen to make room for your growing baby. Staying mobile through the mid-back region can help your body make the sechanges, and also help relax your pelvic floor muscles. There are many variations of thoracic mobility movements.

Hip and Pelvic Openers


Some of the muscles that make up the pelvic floor also connect with the hip, so keeping the hips happy is a great way of keeping the pelvic floor muscles happy.

You want to stay mobile and strong through the hips in pregnancy. Many strength and mobility exercise variations exist. A couple of examples shown here: Hip CARS and Happy Baby pose can feel great!

Hip Opener
Pelvic Opener

Brittany Klingmann

MPT, Young Kempt Physiotherapy

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