Anita Connors


I graduated from the Dalhousie University Physiotherapy program in 2004 and have worked at Beaverbank Physiotherapy since 2006. I have been the owner since 2010. I currently work full time here, but also manage our 2 sister clinics, Platinum Physiotherapy and Young Kempt Physiotherapy. Outside of clinical time I also work part-time at Dalhousie University in the Orthopaedic department of the School of Physiotherapy. I am an instructor for the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and a mentor for physiotherapists who are training for their Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy. I am the former Chair of the Nova Scotia Orthopaedic Division, my duties were to oversee post-graduate Canadian Physiotherapy Courses in the province of Nova Scotia.

I completed my Fellowship in Manipulative Physiotherapy through the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy and received my Diploma of Manipulative Physiotherapy in 2011 (FCAMPT). I use these specialized skills daily in my practice and base my treatment approach largely around manual therapy, specific and individualized exercise prescription, I also spend a lot of time educating patients on specific details of their injury and how to self manage. I now mentor other Physiotherapists in this program. My current studies involve Movement Impairment. I travel to St. Louis Missouri twice a year to study Movement System Impairment with Shirley Sahrmann at the Washington University School of Physical Therapy.

Recently I was named the NS College of Physiotherapy “Physiotherapist of the Year,” an award voted on by Physiotherapists in the Province of Nova Scotia.

My caseload is always quite varied. I treat many conditions in people of all ages and activity levels. My goal is always to keep people as active as possible, and to work with them on their specific activity goals no matter the level. A large portion of my caseload consists of runners of all skill levels and people active in weight lifting and CrossFit. I am a CrossFit Level 1 coach and use this knowledge regularly when treating CrossFit and Fitness athletes. I perform specific movement analysis to help with technique and to find the source of what might be causing pain. I regularly perform video assisted running analysis for both injured and non-injured runners, to help identify deficits and develop a plan to improve performance and limit injuries.

I grew up in Central Newfoundland but came to Nova Scotia for Physiotherapy school. I fell in love with this province and never returned home once I graduated. I love to explore the woodsy parts of our province with my husband, Mike and our dog, Sophie. In my spare time I an avid Crossfitter.  I train 5 times a week either in CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting.  My other loves are  running, travelling, and cooking.

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